Doll Kits

Each porcelain doll kit comes with the porcelain pieces i.e. head, arms & legs, pre fired & painted. You also receive eyes, head pate & wig. All kits come with body pattern & full assembly instructions.
These kits are very easy to do and require no expensive kilns or lessons. The only other things you need are a piece of calico & some filling to complete your doll to the naked stage. Then the only requirement is your imagination to finish her off in a style or period that is yours to create. Easy, so get started!
There may be some of the old Doll Kit types available. Check directly for availability as minimum stock is left.
Kit sizes supplied are for the dolls made using the supplied body pattern – any of the dolls can be made taller or shorter by adjusting the pattern. Hair colours mean Blonde hair comes with blue eyes & brown hair comes with brown eyes as standard. Eye colour & wig styles or colours can be changed with a small change-over cost at the ordering stage. All dolls can be ‘wired’ so they are more rigid and ‘pose able’- this can be achieved using wire or armature (doll skeleton).
The Doll Kit pictures shown are for display purposes only are only meant as a guide as to what look you create. The sky’s the limit.

NOTE: Cable ties make assembly easier & permanent – complete kit set is $1.00

Not all porcelain doll kits are currently available. Please check first for availability.

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